Today nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Having a degree, a good resume or some work experience are not enough to gain the attention of the employer. if you are a fresh graduate and seeking a job opportunity then you must consider the art of job hunting seriously. It is based on my personal experience, I am confident the same art of job hunting will help any job seeker.

It’s Like Doing a Semester Project

Job hunting is not different than working on a semester project. Like a semester project, give yourself 2-3 months on job hunting, complete all the basic requirements for…

C# is one of the top programming languages and its been used widely to develop web/mobile/game apps. The future of C# is bright so getting the Certification in the language will serve your career well. We need well written guide books to prepare for C# Certification Exam 70–483. Here is my take on top 3 books that you may need to prepare for the C# Certification Exam.

#3. MCSD Certification Toolkit (Exam 70–483)

MCSD toolkit covers all of the topics and summarizes all the technical points. It offers a panorama of the tools used for developing with C# in .Net or WinRT, and many sections have…

Microsoft C# Certification Exam 70–483 is quite difficult to pass because of its tricky questions and skill set evaluation. Regardless you have got enough C# experience does not mean you’ll be able to pass the exam. The exams dive into minutia, asking questions that people with years of experience may sometimes find difficult to answer. I have been working as a trainer for the Microsoft Certification exam preparation and in my due course experience, I have prepared some tips for passing the C# Certification exam.

1. Know What You Must Need to Know

You will find questions in exam that you have never seen before. But there is…

Certified Programmer

There is a remarkable growth in IT industry over the years. To be a part of this growing industry, IT professionals have to keep up with the technological changes by building their skill sets and acquire noteworthy credentials for the future.

For professional as well as individual growth, it is very important to gain a deeper knowledge in the respective field. Similar is the case with the IT industry. Furthermore, IT certifications help in keeping up with the rapidly evolving industry. …

C# Certification Exam tests your hardcore technical skills in the language with its tricky questions. And if I go straight, Microsoft will not go easy on you when it comes to marking yourself as a Microsoft Certified C# Programmer. I have been working as a C# Certified Trainer and have got simple steps for you to follow to prepare for C# Certification Exam 70–483.

1. Exam Content

The first thing you need to know is the actual exam content. It is divided into 4 main objectives, see the detail of these objectives from the official Microsoft site. …

In 2015, I took the Microsoft C# Certification Exam 70–483. You should too!

Why Microsoft Certification Exam?

Microsoft’s certification program is the leading certification program for IT professionals. It helps you to show what you can do and not simply what you know. It allows you to demonstrate your proficiency and skill with typical tasks that you as a developer perform daily in your job.

Once passing Microsoft Certification Exam, you will be recognized for your skills, which in turn will allow you to promote yourself to relevant communities, projects, or employers.

Certifications fuel new and valuable careers. Microsoft Certified Professionals spend less time…

Future Belongs to C# Programmers!

C# is one of the top ten popular programming languages. Its been 16 years since Microsoft released C# in 2000 and is considered the most emerging programming languages because of the maturity it has got in the due course. Today C# 7.0 is available as a part of Visual Studio 2017.

Ali Asad

Digital Solutions Engineer @JohnsonControls | Transforming Business Processes in Digitization, Automation & AI

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